I know some people who think it’s a point of pride that they never take a vacation. As if it somehow makes them better employees, managers or what-have-you.

To that I say, what??

I’m of the opinion that vacations (or even “staycations”) are of the utmost importance – and not just because I’m a certified beach bum. (Yes, the word “staycation” is a bit played out, but they are still legitimate in my book!)

As important as being in the office an working hard is, time away from the office to regroup and recharge might be almost more important. Time away can provide clarity, inspiration and creativity, and it can make you better at your job.

When you’re constantly hustlin’ hustlin’ hustlin’, it’s easy to get rundown by the pressures of small staff association management. There are tons of little details and huge issues that need to be dealt with, and fewer people to deal with them. Taking time for yourself away from the office does wonders for our mental health.

(In fact, I have a close friend whose company offers unlimited paid time off – yes, you read that correctly – because they’re committed to having healthy employees.)

While unlimited paid time off may not be realistic for the majority of associations and organizations (hey, it’s fun to dream, right?), take advantage of what PTO you do have and get out town for a few days. (Or at least take a few spa days or “me days.”)

I’ve read some studies that say even just planning a vacation is good for our mental health. I can personally attest to that, as knowing a few trips on the horizon can put me in a better mood.

TALK TO US: What’s your dream vacation spot? (For the record, mine is Italy.) (And I’m going there in May!)

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