Summer internships are a stepping stone into the professional world. They are a great way, while still in college or freshly out of college, to experience a professional work environment and see if a specific kind of job fits into the career you’d eventually want. Throughout the summer, interns hopefully start to learn a few things that they can bring with them into the professional world for years to come.

Now, what are some lessons that this class of MC interns have learned you might ask? Read on to find out!

1. The Importance of Evaluating Company Culture

Before working here, most of us interns had never worked in a place where company culture was taken so seriously and on a personal level. MemberClicks is very unique in the fact that its company culture is extremely intentional. All of its employees take the values to heart, and this shines through in the office environment and through everyone’s attitudes.

The company culture really affects you personally and your ability to work. When you have a job at a place like MemberClicks, with a great culture, and you’re surrounded by positive people who want to be there, it makes your job more enjoyable. It helps you stay more positive and be more willing to work, and work hard. In the future, company culture is something we will all take into account and evaluate before accepting a job at a company.

2. The Complexity of the Business Environment

When starting out at MemberClicks, it seemed overwhelming. There are so many different departments and at first, they didn’t really seem very connected. After all, there’s Marketing, Sales, Help, Onboarding, Engineering, Customer Success and People Operations (and a few more!)! That’s SO many! 

However, after working at MemberClicks for the summer, it soon became clear how all these departments worked together. They all are integral to the company operating smoothly. And, they are extremely important in not only bringing in new clients, but in keeping current customers happy and showing them the “MemberClicks” way of doing business! (Do I hear a shockingly refreshing anywhere? You guessed it!)

3. Being Open to All Opportunities

In college, for a lot of majors, you really only come out prepared for one job, with one set of skills. However, working at MemberClicks has helped us see how important it is to be well rounded and to be open to different projects.

Working as an intern at MemberClicks, you really get the opportunity to use your voice, be heard and explore other areas of interest. Exploring those other departments and trying your hand at  every project that comes your way is extremely valuable! You might end up liking something a lot more than you thought you would, and even better, it’s an opportunity to expand your expertise! Win-win both ways. 

4. Work Somewhere Rewarding

When coming out of college, there’s really one main thought in your head: get a job. It doesn’t matter where, just get a job. However, after interning here this summer, we have realized how important it is to work somewhere that feels rewarding.

In the business world, there can be a lot of big business giants whose only focus is on profit and who tend to run over smaller businesses and nonprofits. One really wonderful thing about working for MemberClicks is that they work with those smaller associations, chambers and nonprofits. They actively are trying to help the “smaller guys” and organizations that have a genuinely good cause. MemberClicks is here to help these organizations further their missions and make a difference in their community. And that, in itself, feels so incredibly rewarding. 

Internships are important milestones in a young professional’s career. And one of the best parts is, it gives the interns exposure to YOUR company. Great promotion and potentially a great future employee for you! 

Interested in retaining your own interns or young professionals at your organization? If so, check out our free guide, Recruiting Young Professionals for the Long Haul, below!

Wondering where that picture of all the Atlanta interns is from? MemberClicks held its first EVER Summer Interns Happy Hour, hosting interns from all over the Atlanta area! Click here to check out some more pictures from the event!