It’s the day of love, and who deserves it more than your loyal and loving members? But instead of the over-commercialized stuff that everyone gets (and that’ll be on sale tomorrow) why don’t you give them a deeply thoughtful and meaningful valentine?

Don’t worry, we’ll save you some of that deep thought and offer a few suggestions!

 Show your members some love

Instead of a dozen roses…  how about a member-driven meeting?

If you have a member who has been very active and seems to be seeking some leadership opportunities, how about letting him or her lead the meeting? Even if you don’t have any takers, the fact that you offered to share the authority will say a lot about your collaborative leadership style and your respect for your members’ ideas.


Instead of a box of chocolates… how about a personal phone call?

You’re busy, and you have a lot of members. That’s why a personal touch can make a huge difference. Maybe just once a week, pick up the phone and dial up a member. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation. A quick update, some friendly inquiries about professional or association matters, and an invitation to the next event can make a huge difference.


Instead of a fancy dinner out… how about a wellness program?

Health is a huge priority and goal for most Americans, whether it’s losing weight or just focusing on better eating. An association is a ready-made group of like-minded, supportive people with a common interest. It makes sense that a wellness program would thrive in such an environment, plus it’s a great way to bring members together outside of regular association business. For more about wellness plans, click here.


Instead of a card… how about some public recognition?

Anyone who has even been in a relationship knows that as nice as flowers are, they’re 20 times nicer when they’re delivered to work where everyone else can see how adored the recipient is. Next time you get a group together, take some time to call out some thanks for a member who deserves it.


Also, allow us to express our undying love and adoration for our customers, followers, friends and fans! Happy Valentine’s Day