Q4 brings many things, but one of the most loved (and most fun): holidays! There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa (among many others). And let’s not forget about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. 

Put simply, there’s a lot going on. But that can honestly make marketing fun! Why not get in on some of that holiday excitement and offer a few seasonal promotions at your association or chamber? A membership discount, a webinar discount, an event discount (whether for an in-person event or a virtual event), etc. (But all limited-time, of course!) 

The key in getting people to take advantage of these promos though all boils down to how well you promote them. (I know, promoting a promo. That’s marketing for you!) Email and social media are both great channels to use, but in order for your messages to stand out, you need to be creative. 

Below are a few playful messages you can use (think email subject lines and social media graphics) to drive awareness and interest in your seasonal promos: 

October promo messaging:

  • A spooktacular deal on XYZ! 
  • No tricks, just treats! $XX off XYZ!
  • A deal so good it’s SPOOKY!
  • Scary savings on [XYZ]!
  • Oh my gourd! Don’t miss out on this limited-time deal! 

November promo messaging:

  • Gobble this up: $XX off!
  • Feast your eyes on this limited-time deal! 
  • Good gravy! Save $XX on XYZ!
  • Gather ‘round for savings! 
  • Devour this deal: [$XX off XYZ]

December promo messaging: 

  • Ho Ho WOAH! $XX off XYZ!  
  • Brr… Warm up with this hot deal! 
  • ‘Tis the season to save some money! 
  • came early. $XX off [XYZ]!
  • Spreading holiday cheer, our to you… 

I could go on and on with witty ideas (marketing is my favorite!), but I’ll spare you. That said, if you would like more marketing ideas for your association or chamber — from website marketing to email marketing to social media marketing and more — check out our free guide below! 

Note: This post was originally published on 10/21/19, but updated on 10/21/20 for added value.