A great event can change the direction of your association in one fell swoop. A spectacular meeting, panel discussion, networking event, speaker series, or conference can reengage dozens of members and recruit who-knows-how-many new ones, bringing a renewed energy and enthusiasm.

So event planning is a big deal!

Well at MemberClicks, our AMS is designed to help Small Staff Associations plan events and make them easy for your members to register and attend.

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We’ve even written a handy guide to help you plan your event. This guide goes into detail about all the particulars of planning an event of any size, from venue to food to setting the guest list.

Download it here!

Some of you may have already downloaded our event planning guide or have another one you follow. Or maybe you’re just such an event planning pro that you don’t need it, and really all you need is a simple check list. We’ve got you covered there too!

Print out this quick and easy check list again and again. It helps you mark items off of your to-do list as the event planning goes on from months out to just after the big day. That way you can be sure nothing falls through the cracks! Download it free here.

Happy event planning!