Everyone’s heard that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. But did you know that the “honey” of positive messages can have a very powerful overall impact on your members in day-to-day life?

Take news, for example. Daily news shows often try to include a “kicker” story with a funny, quirky, or uplifting message near the end of the broadcast to end on a good note. Would you continue to turn in if it was nothing but bad news all the time that made you feel sad and like you had a ton of work to do?

Positive messages mean happy members

Your association is similar. You are offering your members tremendous benefits, but you’re also asking for a lot of work and time commitment. Throw in some good messages, too!

There are two types of messages most common for association leaders: praise and recognition and good news about the association. Use both generously.

Praise and recognize members who have gone the extra mile lately, making events run smoothly, or if participation has been down lately the ones who bothered to help at all. It goes a long way in making members feel like they contributed and therefore cause their return, and it’ll also trigger the desire to be accepted in that way to other members.

If you don’t have anyone specific to call out, discuss positive developments with the association. Not only does it solidify that the association is doing well and making a positive impact on the community, but it allows members to feel as if they’re part of something good that helps people. This will hopefully inspire more acts of participation and service!

We know that sometimes it has to be all business. That’s part of running an association. But if you can spread the hardcore business out over a few meetings, it can go a long way. After all, nobody likes to sit in a conference room for a marathon strategy session! Better yet, schedule a few different meetings and target those who may get more out of them or be more interested in that aspect of the association.

For more help on bringing a positive, fun culture to your association, check out our free guide!