Exciting news for you space buffs! Next Tuesday, January 31st, is the first Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in 150 years. Now, you might be asking yourself “What does this have anything to do with running my organization?”

Take a second and think about how special and exciting events like this are for people all over the world. No matter your background, these kinds of events impact (almost) everyone in the same meaningful way. Now that’s really powerful, right?

So, how can you capture this kind of energy to go toward your organization? We’ve highlighted three little ways you can make sure your members feel like you’re really going the extra mile!

1. Cross-Training Your Staff

Having specific job designations for your staff is key to keeping order in your organization’s ranks. Otherwise, your staff’s projects could easily start getting unorganized by going person-to-person or even lost completely! But to a member, a “perfect world” scenario would be interacting with any staff member to help their needs. So, what’s the compromise?

It might be time for a little cross-training amongst your staff. We recommend to start this process by thinking about some of the most frequently asked questions your group receives on a weekly basis. Take these requests and brainstorm a FAQ page that your staff can reference for any of these inquiries. Even if your answers are simple, your members will be wowed by this level of service across your team!

2. Prioritize Your Member’s Time

We often reference the lack of time that professionals have within the association and chamber space a.k.a. too much to do, too little time. This message also translates to your member’s lack of time as well. So, what can you do as an organization to make an actual difference in your member’s day?

If possible, try allotting a morning and afternoon time slot specifically dedicated to handling any requests from your members. This format should impress upon your members the level of urgency you have for their needs. In addition, if you come across an inquiry you don’t have the information for, let your member know you are investigating the inquiry and should have a response within 24 hours. This level of ownership will let your member know they are in good hands and feel like you are taking their requests (and time) seriously.

3. Randomly Check-In with Your Members 

You probably intimately know the members who love your organization (as well as the ones who are having concerns), but what about your lukewarm members? It’s a pretty common issue within associations and chambers to have a majority of your members feeling pretty so-so about their membership. So, what’s the solution? Start by taking a look at your member roster and randomly choose three members a week to check-in with.

This check-in can be via email or over the phone, depending on whichever feels more organic for your organization. The main goal for this check-in should be to gather positive and constructive feedback to help impact future projects. You might be thinking: Wait, is this just going to open up a can of worms? Maybe! But frankly, it’s better to know your member’s criticism in advance to fix the problem as opposed to having them leave your organization without knowing why, right?

Ideally, these three initiatives should help create a level of service that will have your members feeling over the moon (ha! see what we did there?). It’s key to remember that your members have a monetary and time investment in your organization, so customer service should be of key importance with any member interaction.

That said, it can be hard to always know how exactly to engage with different generations within your organization – all with different likes, dislikes, and personal preferences. Don’t worry! Check out our guide, How to Engage Different Generations at Your Association, to learn tips on how you can cater to each generation’s differences!