Are you trying to find the right words to help convince your member’s employers to cover your association dues? Look no further! Check out our template that will help your members sway their employer from “no way” to “okay”!

< date >

Dear < supervisor’s name >,

I’m requesting your approval to < become a member / renew my membership > of < x association >. As you may know, < x association > is one of the main associations for the < your industry >, with more than < x amount > of members from around the < state / region / country / world >. < X association > continues to be a leading force by educating fellow industry professionals about < x topics > via online resources, professional conferences, and monthly webinars and luncheons.  

An individual membership fee costs just < x price > and grants me immediate access to the following:

  • < benefit 1 >
  • < benefit 2 >
  • < benefit 3 >
  • < benefit 4 >
  • < benefit 5 >

I genuinely believe that this membership would be a wise investment into our organization and would positively impact our processes and my own professional development. I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss!


< your signature here >


Membership retention is the engine that keeps your organization running…but is your renewal process up to the task? If membership turnover is an issue at your association, allow us to help. Check our our Membership Retention Kit today!