Introducing On the Mark, a series of posts written by MemberClicks President and CEO, Mark Sedgley.

I am pretty excited about a new series we are putting together here at MemberClicks. Every month, I am going to be sharing some thoughts on the ‘why’ of MemberClicks, the association industry, and general musings on leadership in today’s world. My hope is that you get a better sense of who we are as a company, what we want to do for mission-minded folks like you, and what it means to be a good leader (IMHO). I am even more excited to lead off by talking about the Clickies and the importance of rituals in an organization’s life.

What’s the Clickies you might be asking? In short: It’s a day of gratitude. It’s an opportunity for our MemberClicks family to come together and express our deep appreciation for our customers, our fellow Clickers, and the meaningful work we pursue as a team. Simply put, it’s our why. At MemberClicks, we have always been inspired by lots of things. Our customers’ missions, creating a culture we all love, humor, and everything that falls between. Many years ago, we decided we needed to create a ritual that reflects back on the annual journey we take to experience all of those things. Thus, the Clickies was born.

The original inspiration was fashioned after the Dundies. If you aren’t an Office aficionado, the Dundies were a tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony for the employees of Dunder Mifflin. At MemberClicks, we definitely don’t take ourselves very seriously. So, it felt like a good starting point. I remember that first night with deep fondness. It was an awesome balance of awkwardness, fun, authentic fellowship, and recognition.  In a lot of ways, that’s what it is still today. Over the years, however, I have realized just how important it is to take time to simply say thank you. So from it’s modest and light-hearted origins, it has transformed into a day of gratitude. The day includes:

A catered breakfast and lunch…

Clickies Breakfast and Lunch

MC ATL Halloween


Clickies Raffles

MC ATL Halloween

Departmental and company-wide awards…

Clickies Awards (Lee)

MC ATL Halloween

Peer-to-peer gratitude and appreciation…

Clickies Peer gratitude and appreciation

MC ATL Halloween

An evening of fun!

Clickies Cornhole

MC ATL Halloween

It’s something that everyone looks forward to and there is a lot of energy and excitement that builds around the day. That’s important. It’s important because rituals and the health around them are usually really strong indicators of a successful tribe. 

At MemberClicks, we have lots of rituals: some are organic and others have been institutionalized to create mile markers for the organization to ensure folks are checked in and engaged. Rituals act as uniting forces within an organization and can catalyze energy and effort over a long period of time. On the flip side, they can also do the opposite. If the rituals take on the wrong tone or are incongruent with the culture of the organization, they can be demoralizing.  Moreover, if rituals are totally absent in an organization, then it can create headwinds for delivering a strong employee experience grounded in a healthy culture. I would love to hear about your rituals in the comments below.

In closing and as we celebrate our most beloved ritual, the Clickies, please know from all of us here at “The Clicks” that we are genuinely grateful for the customers that we have the privilege to serve and the industry of mission-minded folks we interact with every day. Thank you for being you and Happy Clickies Day!!!