Let’s talk about buttermilk biscuits… 

Is there anything better than a really good biscuit with your condiment of choice on a slow, Sunday morning? Maybe I’m biased from growing up in the south, but man, a good biscuit can REALLY make your week. While I have long appreciated the buttermilk biscuit from afar, I have never dared to think I could be the creator of such joy and wonder in the world. That all changed this past Sunday.

As my family and I navigated the zombie-apocalypse-like grocery shopping experience on a once-weekly basis, I started to grow tired of buying frozen biscuits for our Sunday brunch. It was a shell of an experience compared to the one that I grew up with, and it left me wanting more for my kids. (Let’s be honest, it was really more for me, but it sounds better with my kids as the beneficiary.)  

So this past week I decided…I’m going to explore the mystery of the biscuit. 

Now, did I reach out to my mom to consult her on the finer details of baking the perfect homemade biscuit? Did I dust off the old Sedgley family cookbook? Nope. I did what every red-blooded American would do — I picked up my phone and googled, “How do I make the best buttermilk biscuits in the world?” Not surprisingly, thousands of results came back. I selected one of the first three because who has enough time to go through any more than that? The kids and I were off on our biscuit-baking adventure!

This whole process, though, got me thinking about the day-to-day, and how much of our day is caught up in what we already know and what is easy. There is comfort with staying within the lines and, to a certain degree, those lines protect our very survival. However, if you think about those special moments in life — or more specifically, what made the week a good one or a bad one — you typically find that it was in something surprising; something that exceeded your expectations. Of course there’s joy in knocking out the list, but progress is typically made when you push outside of your comfort zone and make yourself better as a human. This has definitely been true for me — and MemberClicks — over the years. 

Back to the biscuits… The kids and I meticulously followed the recipe and added our own flare along the way. As we went through the process, there were moments of self doubt, anticipation, and joy. This is true in any new thing we engage. But the payoff was biting into a perfectly golden and flaky buttermilk biscuit made with our own hands and with ingredients we could actually pronounce. And beyond that, the real, real payoff, when it was all said and done, was breaking the mold and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone and learning from the process. 

Let’s all do that today.