The intricate nature of ecosystems fascinates me. I am always glued to shows and documentaries like Earth or The Biggest Little Farm. They always boil down to one thing; the importance of everything: one thing is everything.

The fluidity of our universe is astonishing. Our entire system is built on everything working in harmony with the other and if one thing is removed or disrupted both cataclysmic and sometimes beautiful consequences can occur. Just look no further than the last 4 months for this illustration.

So, I guess it only makes sense that business is like that. MemberClicks is like that.  Our clients are like that, too. 

Everyone has a part to play in this ecosystem. As a client weaves their way through our simple and yet intricate MC-universe they experience the interplay of multiple inputs and contributions along the way, each input relying on the other to create a positive experience.

The dance that we perform day in, day out is mostly unseen: The code being written to create positive efficiency experiences, the infrastructure that supports those experiences, the many tasks that have to be executed daily to deliver shockingly refreshing client service interactions…all of it depends on each other working in harmony.

The same is true for you and your members. You work hard every day to deliver on all of the little things that make up the member experience. Most of which will never be seen by members. It takes collaboration and hard work to make this happen with the ease that you do.

Of course, there are the very visible parts to the client and the member, any time we’re voice-to-voice or video-to-video, or at in-person events (please come back!) especially, but the overwhelming majority of interactions that come together everyday to create the MemberClicks and Member Experience, one will never notice or see…and that’s a good thing. It’s like our body system or complex nature systems that are working well — you just don’t notice that everything is doing its job.

I think that is key…appreciating the deep value of tiny interactions, while recognizing the power that comes from all of those interactions working together toward achieving one common goal. (And in our case, that’s “to empower member-based organizations to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service!”)  All of us at MemberClicks are working hard every day to ensure that our association and chamber clients can and will thrive. We know you are doing the same exact thing for your members. At MemberClicks we believe that the ecosystem that associations and chambers provide is vital to a healthy economy and society. That’s why we do what we do. Let’s keep the ecosystem healthy!

(Mark Sedgley, President and CEO of MemberClicks)