Many organizations – associations, chambers, businesses, and everything in between – are starting to focus a whole lot more not only on their customer service practices but on the overall experience a customer has from their first interaction to purchasing and beyond.

But as association and chamber professionals you’ve always known that your success relies on your members’ experience, because that experience leads to engagement and, ultimately ( ), retention.

Now, you may be wondering – how does having a suite of technology solutions that work together apply to the member experience?

It gives members a more seamless experience

Of course, one major benefit of systems that work together is the seamless experience you’ll have on the administrative side – but have you considered how that seamlessness translates for members as well?

One way that immediately stands out: usernames and passwords. Again, we’re talking overall member experience here, and giving members access to as much as possible with only one piece of login information is HUGE when it comes to eliminating friction.

Another way? Immediately being identified as a member upon login and having access to members-only pricing and content. Everyone is looking for a more fluid, refreshing experience: as small as these points of friction seem, the more of them you can eliminate, the better the overall member experience will be.

It allows you to be proactive

The member journey looks very different for every individual member, but, with technology built to work together, it’s a whole lot easier to identify patterns within those journeys. Patterns that’ll help you identify which points of membership and benefits are most valuable to members, and which points…well, need some work.

The key thing to think about here is data. When your systems are feeding data back and forth to each other, you can get an all-encompassing view of your membership and the segments within it and can more easily dig into a single member’s experience as well. And getting that all-encompassing view means being able to capitalize on the good stuff (for example, promoting those benefits that everyone loves) and work on the bad before it gets out of hand. 

Not to mention, having to pull different reports from different systems, look at them individually, and try to piece what it all means together can be time-consuming and flat out difficult.

It helps you save time and work more efficiently

How many hours do you or your colleagues spend on any given day JUST on data entry? That’s a whole lot of time that could be spent working on more strategic initiatives instead. And it’s not just about data entry – the level of automation you could achieve with systems that talk back and forth to each other would certainly add some saved weekly hours to that number.

The more time you free up, and the more efficiently the administrative stuff runs, the more you can focus on member service, engagement, and retention efforts. It’s time to, well, spend less time thinking about (and managing) imports and exports, and more time moving your mission forward.

That’s why it’s our mission to empower organizations like yours with refreshing technology. And that doesn’t just mean your membership management system! Whether you’re using Atlas or Oasis, we have tools that integrate directly into your software to help you do so much more for your members’ experience. Check ‘em out here: