Do you struggle to get members (and even prospects) to engage with your organization’s website? It’s a challenge we all face!

Hopefully you have a modern, mobile-friendly design, fresh content, easy to find social links, and fast page load times. But in addition to that, what else can you be doing to not only drive members to your website, but actually keep them there?

Here’s one idea: a digital Easter egg hunt.

This is something many companies are starting to experiment with, and let me just tell you, as a consumer and website visitor, myself, they’re COOL. 

Here’s what it is and how it works:

  • For starters, you’d pick a few secret messages to “hide” throughout your site. 
    • “Use code XXX to register for our May webinar for only $35! [Normally $45!]
    • “Use code XXX to register for our virtual Lunch and Learn for only $40! [Normally $50!]
    • “Get our latest industry report — FREE — for a limited time only!”
  • To make those messages stand out (at least a little), you could bold them or put them in a different color. (You want them to be hidden, but also not impossible to find.)
  • Promote these hidden messages via email and social media. 
    • “24-hour secret egg hunt on our website! Can you find the 7 hidden messages?”
  • Note: If you’d prefer not to offer a number of individual promos, you could hide other types of messages throughout your site, and tell members, “The first person to email us with all 7 messages listed gets XXX!”
    • (Maybe that’s a discount on registration for your Annual Conference…even if it is done virtually this year!)
  • Once the time frame is up (a 24-hour time frame is typically best), be sure to remove the messages from your site. (Tip: As you’re hiding these “eggs,” make a personal list noting what the messages are and what pages they’re on. That way, removing them will take no time at all and you won’t have lingering promos out there if you don’t want them.)

As long as you have a website that’s fairly easy to edit, creating this type of campaign really isn’t that difficult. (And if editing your website is difficult — you don’t have access or you’ve relied on someone externally to manage it for you — it may be time to look into an association management system with a website solution. The more control you have of your website, the more you can play around with new and unique engagement tactics.)

That really is what this is all about — engagement! It’s taking many of the marketing tactics you’re already using one-off (discount codes, limited-time specials, etc.), and adding in an element of gamification. 

Have you tried anything like this on your website before? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Tell us more in the comments below.

And for more tips on making your website more engaging, overall, check out our free guide below! 

Note: This post was originally published on 8/14/19, but updated on 4/27/20 for added value.