This week MemberClicks is walking through our guide to managing association growth. Each day we’ll walk you through a step on the long road to preparing for, managing, and executing some spectacular growth!

Yesterday we talked about growth in events and how that will lead to (and be a result of) more engaged members. Today we’re converting those new, engaged members into future association leaders.

Managing Association Growth: Emerging Leaders

Third stop: Growth in leadership

How it happens: More, engaged members usher in the next generation of association leaders, who will take over through normal leadership and board turnover. As non-leadership members step up to help plan and lead events, the natural leaders will emerge and with some encouragement, will step up.

What it means: It could be a changing of the guard, and that could be a great thing. It could also mean just a larger board for now, and eventual, normal turnover in leadership positions. 

How to deal: Embrace the emerging leaders. Take on the role of a mentor and share ideas. Also be sure to future-proof your association by establishing a plan for normal leadership turnover. That includes training and troubleshooting for your AMS.

Ready to start embracing some emerging leaders?