The word of the day is “optimize.” Whether you realize it or not, you spend a lot of time thinking about getting the most out of your day. Productivity, for example, is just another word for efficiently optimizing your time. When you encourage less active members to be more engaged, you’re really attempting to optimize their experience as a member and utilize more of your membership base in one fell swoop. Let’s get optimized!

Making the most out of your association

Making the most out of your association:

What you’re looking for here, just like any business, is a higher return on investment. Sure, it’s easy to see where your money is going and how and when it’s coming in, but consider the true returns. Are you making a difference where your association intends? Are your actions in line with your mission statement and goals? If not, how can you bump that up? Membership engagement is a big question mark for a lot of associations, but why don’t you start with just one member, possibly on the fringes of engagement and try to pull him or her in? Take those lessons and apply them to the larger membership to get larger attendance in programs and at events, and a more engaged leadership team!

Making the most out of your AMS:

Many associations have an Association Management System to handle many of their day-to-day pressures, but are you using it to its full extent? Log on for a second. Are there areas in the software that you never fuss with, and haven’t thought about since your implementation? Now’s the time for a call to your AMS’ help desk to set up an appointment to find out what you’re missing (but still paying for) and they should be able to set up a time to go through your software to be sure that you’re getting the most out of it. MemberClicks CEO Mark Sedgley spoke with Wes Trochlil about MemberClicks’ maximization team, and our theory about getting the most out of your AMS. Check out that blog here!

Making the most out of your leadership:

It’s your job, so the benefits of your association leadership may escape your attention every now and then, getting lost in all your work. But think about how your position can benefit you both personally and professionally. That jack-of-all-trades position adds probably pages to your resume (try to consolidate on your official resume, though) and as an association leader you have access not only to other leaders, but theoretically everyone in your field. Although it may not always feel like it, your letterhead is powerful! Use your position to make connections both online and in person to the people whom you’ve always wanted to meet.

Optimization seems like an overwhelming task, but don’t be intimidated. It’s really just a few small changes that wind up making a big difference. One extra phone call, one extra E-mail, one extra line to your meeting agenda. Seize the day! Make the most out of your awesome position in your association!