In Q1 of 2018, MemberClicks conducted an industry survey to ask association and chamber professionals about their biggest goals, challenges, and motivations. One reason we conducted this survey was to see what common themes emerged about why you REALLY do what you do: Why you wake up early, go the extra mile, volunteer on top of your full-time job…AKA, your “why.

We also thought it was important to see what commonalities exist among association and chamber professionals, and share that information with the industry so you can see that you’re in great company! Check out the infographic we put together with the results:

MemberClicks Industry Study Results Infographic

We hope this information gives you a sense of calm when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, and maybe some inspiration to network with other association and chamber professionals and bounce ideas off each other. After all, you’re some of the most well-connected people your industries and communities: It only makes sense that you connect with each other!

If you’re interested in an opportunity to do just that very soon, consider joining us in Indianapolis this October for MC LIVE! – the technology conference for associations and chambers!