We all know the value of engaging members through social media. But what about through social communities? Are those even valuable? And how are they any different from traditional social media?

Well for starters, social communities do not try to compete with traditional social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Instead, they typically offer a members-only forum for discussions, pictures, and sharing. And going back to the topic of value, social communities are great for increasing membership engagement. Here’s how:

Social communities have several unique features that contribute to membership engagement. Some of the most common components of social communities include:

  • Member profiles – Just like traditional social media, social communities allow members to create personalized profiles with pictures and bios.  
  • Messaging capabilities – In the spirit of networking, social communities typically allow for one-on-one messaging between members. 
  • Online forums – Think of online forums as a members-only discussion page. Again, these allow for members to easily communicate and share information with each other. 

In order to get your social community up and running, consider selecting a few people from within your organization to act as Engagement Ambassadors. These individuals should post several times per day within your social community and seed various questions to get members talking. Using Engagement Ambassadors to populate your social community will create a lively vibe to entice hesitant members.

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