Happy Thursday, Splash blog readers! It’s a big day here at the MemberClicks HQ, as we get ready for our annual Clickies – a day of celebrating the people who make MemberClicks such a great place to work.

We’ll report back with some photos from what is sure to be an awesome event!

Today, though, we’d like to share some ways you can show off your social media know-how on behalf of your small staff association. You don’t have to be everywhere, all the time, but little things – like responding to all your @mentions on Twitter and fan wall posts on Facebook.

1. Be a person. Speak in the first-person and use “we.” You’re representing your association!

2. Don’t ignore messages. If people are taking the time to tweet at you or send you a message on Facebook, respond.

3. Post as frequently as possible – but not too much. You should at least share some sort of content once a day so your channels don’t appear abandoned. Plus, it’s good for SEO (search engine marketing).

4. Create conversations. When responding to users on social channels, further engage them with a question about their role in the association or their opinion on something your association offers or has done.

TALK TO US: How do you use your association’s social channels to engage your audience in a positive way?