How many times has this happened to you: you send out an email newsletter or update with important stuff in it and then you find low attendance at a meeting or event. When you mention it to members they say, “Oh! I would have come if I knew about it!” And you’re left wondering if anyone read your email to begin with.

Maybe they didn’t. Think about how often you delete emails without even opening them. Has your association email gotten lost in the shuffle with a million other organizations, sales, or general inbox clutter that comes at your members every day?

A few housekeeping tips will probably clear a few things up. When you get a chance, ask your members to double check that association emails aren’t going to spam or promotional folders. Individual email servers have ways to adjust those settings.

Then focus on the headline.

Ask yourself these questions:

1)   What makes you open an email?

2)   What annoys you in email correspondence?

3)   What do you have to offer?

·      Events

·      Tips and tricks

·      Information

Make sure your offers are up front and your members know from the headline what they’ll gain by reading this. Simply put, sell it in a concise way. Imagine reading your email and then calling your mom, friend, or spouse and having to sum it up by completing the following sentence: “Oh my gosh, you won’t believe what’s new with the association: it’s X, Y, and Z!” Those top things should be in your headline.

Finally pay attention to the body of the email. Try to refrain from too much formatting that could make the email unreadable to some members. Consider that many of your members are reading their email on mobile devices like tablets or phones. Keep it short and sweet, and if you can bulletize the information.

Your last step is to make sure you follow up with the information you post in your emails and newsletters. That way members know there is value to reading what is sent in email form and that they’ll use that information later. 

Your AMS can be a powerful tool for effective email communication. Is shopping for an AMS on your to-do list? Check out our guide to buying an AMS first. It’ll lay out all the steps you need to get started so you can make a solid start in the buying process.