Raise your hand if you get (what seems like) a million emails per day? Yup, we can ALL relate.

And your members are in the same boat. So when they’re receiving email after email after email, how can you make sure yours stand out? Here are a few tips:

1. Take the preview text seriously

The preview text is essentially an opportunity for you to “sell” your email in addition to the subject line. Most people spend a lot of time drafting their subject line (which they should), but very little time drafting their preview text. Some people don’t even put preview text, leaving the email provider to automatically pull copy from the intro of the email.

Sometimes that automated preview text works…but sometimes it doesn’t. It might make sense, but does it add value? Remember, the first step in successful email marketing is getting a recipient to open the email, so anything you can do to help them actually take that action (ahem, writing a compelling preview) is absolutely worth it.

2. Insert a little personality 

Have you ever been reading a pretty standard email, but then came across one or two lines that literally made you chuckle? It’s kind of a refreshing feeling, isn’t it?

Try inserting some of that refreshment in your emails by adding in a little of your own personality. People are sometimes hesitant to do this because they worry it might make their organization look less professional. But if you’re strategic about it and don’t go overboard with it, it can really work to your advantage.

Tip: If your emails are currently a bit “buttoned up” in nature, ease into this to gauge reaction. Try inserting personality in areas you can later analyze, such as your subject line (open rate) and calls-to-action (click-through rate). And if at any point you think you’re going overboard, scale it back. Your gut is usually right!

3. Make it about them, not you

So many emails out there are about the person or company sending them.

We’ve having a sale!

We just opened a new office! 

We’re hosting an event!

But quite frankly, recipients want to know what’s in it for them. How are they going to benefit from whatever it is you’re offering?

Use “you” language when you can (and when it makes sense).

In this webinar, you’ll learn…

At this event, you’ll meet…

Register now, and you’ll save… 

That alone will make your organization’s emails stand out.

As a marketer, I’ll be the first to say it: Email marketing is tough! But there ARE best practices out there. For a few of our own, check out our free guide below!