Who doesn’t love another reason to celebrate! If you’re looking for another fun way to engage with your organization’s members, have you considered publicly recognizing a day all about your industry? Most industries already have a specific calendar day dedicated to their craft, so your first step is already covered!

But wait, how do you actually celebrate this day with your members (remotely!) all over the world? And how will this help you with membership awareness, engagement, and retention? Don’t worry! Check out these three steps you should take to start implementing an appreciation day that your members won’t forget!

Step 1: Alert Your Audience

First things first, you’ll need to inform your members (and industry audience) that you’re going to recognize and celebrate this day collectively as an organization. We recommend starting by crafting an email and social media campaign that will focus on attracting both potential members and existing members to participate.

Start by looking at your date in mind and brainstorm some social media messages that you’ll want to start blasting out at least 45-60 days prior. The goal is to initiate some buzz around your event, so consider taking some of your engagement activities for the day (see point below) and use some choice language that will most identify to your audience.

Also, don’t stop at only social media! Take bits of your original campaign and craft some thoughtful emails to your subscriber list to see about reaching those folks that don’t follow your main social media channels.

Step 2: Engage Your Audience

Now onto the fun part! While your exact activities will range depending on your industry, we’ve got some ideas on how to get your members (and potential members) excited! Check them out below:

  • Create a trivia game online (we recommend Google forms) and submit your winners into a raffle for various prizes (Amazon gift cards, free webinar registration, etc)
  • Provide a special day-only discount on upcoming webinars and conference registrations
  • Create an industry-related volunteer opportunity that your local members can attend and promote other remote volunteer opportunities in other major cities
  • Host a short online webinar with an industry-related guest to talk about a relevant hot topic in your field

Step 3: Retain Your Audience

While it may feel like your event is over once the day is past, you’ve still got a bit more work to do. Your first step post-event should be to send out a thank you email to all of your subscribers for being involved in your appreciation day. While some of them might not have engaged with your organization, this follow-up email provides the chance for them to see what they missed out on (FOMO is real!).

Think of this email as your chance to encourage those subscribers who weren’t involved in your appreciation day to take some action within your organization. Try to include links to:

  • Landing pages for upcoming events (webinars, luncheons, conferences)
  • Your event calendar
  • Your social media pages (get those followers!)

Picture this: Your membership committee has put together an amazing lineup of activities and events. Even better, people are actually showing up! But now you’re worried that they may drop off the radar. Only one word ensures they will: engagement!  Check out our comprehensive guide, Membership Engagement for Small-Staff Associations, to see how you can master membership engagement!