Your association is so beneficial to people, you just know that they’ll be hooked after their first meeting. So how do you get potential members (and current members, for that matter) to your meetings?

How to get members to your meetings


Pick a time that works well for most people in your field. Do you have mostly working adults with kids? Maybe happy hour is the best plan so they can attend your meeting then spend the evening with their families. Does your association target emerging professionals? How about a weekend or a dinner meeting? Would you consider a quick lunch gathering or maybe two meetings to accommodate the swing shifters? Time is to meetings as location is to real estate! You can’t be successful without it!


Free Stuff!

Have you ever seen people dive for free t-shirts at football games? I find myself scrambling for them, despite the fact that I have at least 50 at home. Never underestimate the power of a free t-shirt or other promotion. If all else fails: food. Human beings are practically always hungry. 


Fun and Interesting!

What is going to happen at your meeting that will set it apart? Could you arrange business around an arcade visit or karaoke? Maybe try out a new restaurant or unique meeting space? Think outside the box so that these new potential members will have something to talk about at the water cooler the next day.


These might seem like kitschy, silly ways to lure people in to meetings. Don’t look at it that way! Once they’re in the door they won’t be coming back for free stuff or video games… they’ll be coming back for the awesome growth and leadership opportunities that your association offers. Be armed with lots of ideas, future events, and ways to get engaged and volunteer and they’ll keep coming back for more.