Your association may not have the money for big welcome packets or a lot of events. Never fear! Your members can still feel like they’re having a custom experience even without you taking a chunk out of your budget. 

Make an effort yourself

Set the example! Reach out to recent attendees of your events and newer members and just say hi. A simple question asking for background, career goals, or what they hope to gain from their membership in the association could be enough to get the ball rolling on a great conversation and professional relationship!

Send out your spies

If you’re too busy to see to everyone individually, recruit some help! Tap active members, your board, or staff members to reach out. Assure them that it doesn’t have to be anything complicated or too involved, but the personal touch can really mean the difference between a one-time attendee and a future member!

Get volunteers to work the room

What about during the event? Get those supporters mentioned in the last paragraph to get out and work the room at events. They should greet everyone and bring the wallflowers into conversation. When members feel like they’re being productive and having fun at your events they’ll return!

Demonstrate attention to feedback

One of the biggest parts of feeling the custom member experience is members knowing they’ve been heard. Without naming names necessarily (after all, most feedback should probably remain anonymous) bring up specific points of change or answer concerns in meeting publicly. 

What’s that you say? You do have a little extra money this quarter? Here are some great places you can put that surplus to enhance the member experience:

  • Welcome packets
  • More events with a variety of locations, times, and days
  • Food and/or beverages at events
  • Association swag like t-shirts, coffee cups, etc. 
  • Noteworthy and inspirational speakers

The biggest key to the custom member experience is asking members specifically what they want! You may not be able to address those wants and needs all the time, but just asking puts you leagues ahead of many experiences for the average person. 

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