Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Ah, holiday shopping. For some: fun. For others: a total nightmare. What do you get your coworker? Or that volunteer who’s really gone above and beyond?

Fret not! No matter who you’re shopping for, we’ve got a few ideas for you:

For your staff…

  • A 2019 calendar – We all need a calendar for 2019, so why not save your staff member(s) the trouble and pick out a nice one for them? The key here, though, is finding one that matches their personality and interests. For example, do you have a coworker who loves to travel? A travel calendar could be a great choice – and inspire them while they’re at the office. (We all love to daydream about vacations, right?) Or, if you coworker is just crazy about pugs, get them a pug calendar. This gift lends itself to conversation throughout the year as well. (“Did you see July’s pic?!”)
  • A mug for the office – If you want a gift that’s practical and thoughtful, consider going the mug route – but only if you can find one that really “speaks” to who your coworker is. (A plain mug won’t really do the trick.) If you have a big sports fan in the office, consider getting them a mug with their favorite team’s logo/colors. Or, for that pug lover we were just talking about – you can’t beat a pug mug! You can even take it up a notch by filling the mug with their favorite candy. Yes, this may seem like a small gift, but that element of personalization says, “I know what you like and care what you like,” – and let me tell you, that message goes FAR.
  • A thoughtful subscription of some sort – These days, you can subscribe to just about anything – magazines, Amazon Prime, a coffee of the month club, etc. If your coworker has a hobby/special interest, see if there’s a corresponding subscription of some sort. For that coffee lover, a coffee of the month subscription could be a great (and practical) option. (And hey, it really is the gift that keeps on giving!)

For your volunteers…

  • A nice, framed picture – Your volunteers have likely given a lot of their time and energy to your organization. And through that time, they’ve probably created a lot of good memories. Remind them of those memories by gifting them a nice, framed picture. It could be a picture of your entire team of volunteers or an action shot of them working hard. But this is a gift they’ll likely be proud of and cherish.
  • A personalized or meaningful Christmas tree ornament – Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes – and they’re customizable, which is a quality you want in a thoughtful volunteer gift. If there’s an ornament that speaks to what your volunteers have worked on (for example, an apple if they worked on an education initiative), get that! You can even engrave it with their name and the year.
  • Baked goods – Holiday gifts don’t have to be lavish. It really is the thought that counts. If you’re low on money, consider baking some homemade treats: cookies, brownies, small cakes, etc. And for an added touch, you can even write out the recipe or type it up and print it on nice paper. Some of the best gifts are the ones that cost little, but come from the heart.

For yourself…

  • A membership management system – If you’ve been drowning in work this year (and it only seems to be getting worse), it might be time to give yourself the gift of an association management system, or AMS for short. An AMS is a technology solution that’s designed to make membership management easier. Dues renewals, email marketing, event registrations, and more – you name it, an AMS can help with it. If you’re an overwhelmed association or chamber professional, it really is the best gift you can give yourself.

Still not convinced you need an AMS? Allow us to explain in a little more detail. Check out our free guide, Why You Need an AMS, below!