For any membership group, raising non-dues revenue is an essential part of overall success. But people are cautious about spending extra money, particularly in an uncertain economy, and your association might be feeling some of that pain.

If your organization is struggling to raise extra funds, don’t worry – we can help. Behold, five ideas for non-dues revenue streams:

Education Programs

Educational programs come in many forms – certifications, training programs, accreditations, etc. – and can be a great source of non-dues revenue for your association. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, members want to ensure they have the latest knowledge combined with the best credentials after their name. Generally, members don’t mind paying a small fee for these types of programs as long as there’s some level of educational value associated with them.

Live Events

Take it from us, association-hosted events are the ultimate win-win – members can receive entertainment and value while associations can generate revenue on the back-end. Events can be anything from auctions and galas to conferences and lunch and learns. They don’t have to be anything fancy, but they do need to provide members with value. That being said, be sure to give your events some thought before executing.


If your organization has a really great educational offer, consider monetizing it by transforming it into a webinar. The only way for this to work, however, is if the content is extremely valuable. For example, consider putting together a panel of non-profit experts to speak about a particular industry topic or trend. Most people don’t mind paying a small fee if it means hearing from the best of the best.

Social Media

If your organization has a strong social media following, consider leveraging your platforms to raise additional funds. You can offer several different advertising options as well as sponsored posts. Put together a formal social media package – similar to that of a sponsorship package – that explicitly states how many messages your organization will post, as well as what platforms you’ll be using.


If your organization has any kind of charitable component, donations can be a great source of non-dues revenue. If you have a donation page on your website, be sure to include several calls-to-action throughout your site to guide people directly to that page. It’s also not a bad idea to add a donation section to your organization’s sign-up forms. For example, when a member signs up for an event, give them an opportunity to donate as well. They might be more inclined to donate if they’re already making one transaction.

Want more ideas for generating non-dues revenue for your association? Download our free non-dues revenue guide!