Blogging. It’s on almost every association executive’s to-do list, right there with things like hosting galas and a growing stack of books to read under the heading of “would love to do… if I had time.”

Of course you know that part of the magic SEO (search engine optimization) recipe to get your website more views and more hits in searches is to regularly update a blog. You also know that a great way to stay engaged with your members is to update your blog regularly within your AMS.

Get Your Members to Blog For You!

The problem is that blogging is time consuming. Trust me, I know. But here are some insider tips to get your members begging to help contribute content!


1)   Decide when and how often you should blog. For some groups, once a week is necessary, but many can get away with publishing once a month. Put those dates on the shared calendar in your AMS! It will serve as a visual reminder for members to read the blog and meet their deadlines when it’s their turn to contribute.

2)   Pick a theme or subject for the blogs. The hardest part is often coming up with what to write about. If you can stand up in a meeting and ask, “Who wants to write about this specific aspect of our business?” then you’ll be surprised how many members can say, “Actually, I could write about that. I know all about it!” Then not only do you have a blog written, but you have an expert and an opportunity for involvement!

3)   Make the submission process easy. If your members seem partial to E-mail, make that the way they submit their blog posts. If you require logins and platforms that are outside their usual routine you may lose some participation. (Of course you can always use your AMS!)

 4)   Keep an eye on the quality of your submissions. Usually it’ll just be as simple as a quick read and a few edits, but ideally you’d love for your blog to be a resource not only to your members and industry, but anyone looking for a resource on your specific business.


It’s a win-win here. Your members get a professional byline for themselves and you get great, inside content for your website and for the rest of your members! Good luck and happy blogging! 

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