using videography at your association events

Video content is on the rise — and has been for a while! In fact, it’s estimated that this year, video will make up 80 percent of internet traffic.

If your association or chamber hasn’t taken the dive into video yet, now is definitely the time. And it’s easy, with a specific type of content you’re already producing: your events!

Have you ever considered filming your event sessions? Tagging videography services onto your events opens up a whole new avenue for revenue growth. How?

For starters, it’s a nice touch to be able to provide event attendees with recordings that’ll either refresh their memory or let them see sessions they weren’t able to attend.

But you could also use those videos to provide event content to non-attendees. I know what you’re thinking: Why would I want to do that when attendees paid to be at the event? Well, you could charge non-attendees a fee to view the recordings. (The content could also be accessed for free after a certain point and used to promote the next year’s event.)

Also, consider the non-dues revenue side of things: Provide that valuable video content to non-members for a fee! And that’s an easy distinction to make when you host those videos on a content delivery platform that can gate content based on member type.

Moreover, videography will strengthen your credibility with the industry. Being able to provide polished, professional video content shows industry stakeholders that you’re willing and able to keep up with the times. And it’ll certainly enhance your membership benefits, giving your membership team more to talk about when recruiting new members.

See? Tons of revenue generation opportunities are possible when you capture your event content on video!

Sometimes getting creative with how you approach non-dues revenue can be the catalyst for growing it. For more tips an tricks, download our Ultimate Guide to Non-Dues Revenue below!