It’s cold and flu season, allergies are starting to roar in, it’s tax time, and everyone’s suffering a financial crunch. Spring is stressful for everyone! But that doesn’t mean that your association can’t be the bright spot in your members’ days. And with today being the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness, what better time than now to inject some positivity into your members?

Here’s how. 

Five ways to start your association’s day off on the right foot!

Recognize your members for their contribution

Everyone needs a pat on the back every now and then. When things seem a little down, that’s a great time to recognize people for the hard work they do. 


Sympathize and solidarity

Sometimes you just need to feel like you’re not in this alone, especially when something like layoffs or budget cuts impact your job and day-to-day life. In those cases something as simple as, “I understand! If you ever want to get coffee and chat let me know.” can go a long way. An association really can bring people together, and often rotten luck doesn’t just impact one person in the group. A bundle of reeds is stronger than one!


Remind people about amazing future programming

Having something to look forward to can go a long way! Encourage your members about the future of the association (and their future!) by promoting upcoming events and the benefits they’ll receive by attending. 


Share pictures and happy memories from past successes

Photos and video are always a great way to refresh the excitement from an event past and get members excited about what’s to come. 


Reserve the “asks”

When the chips are down it might not be the best time to ask for donations of money or time. Besides with all of this positive messaging coming from your association your members will be lining up to volunteer!


I wish I could say that stressful times are over and done with when they’re gone, but we all know that things get overwhelming strangely often, especially for small staff association leaders who have so much to juggle. But hang in there! A few small things can have everyone smiling in no time!


For more information on how to engage with your members in a delightful and refreshing way, download our guide to member engagement!