Recently a local company to which I had no affiliation hosted an event promoting a new product. I was really looking forward to it for several weeks, and then I realized that there were a few key factors as to why this event stood out in my mind.

Here are some ways to work that same magic with your members!

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1)   Tailor to your audience

Choose a venue that’s centrally located, easy to get to, has a respectable amount of parking, and a good atmosphere. It never hurts when your members say, “Oh yea! I haven’t been to that place in awhile!” or even “I heard that place is great!” of course the trick is to find all of those qualities with the accommodations you need for your event. Sometimes just a few extra phone calls or a little more internet research is all you need! Those rules go for timing and food, too!


2)   Add a personal touch

You can create follow-up E-mails through your AMS that don’t read like form letters. Have them come from your address rather than a do-not-reply that way they may hit “reply” with questions or concerns if necessary. It’s nice to know there’s a human on the other side when so much of the invitation and registration process is automated online!


3)   Get friends to go

Not necessarily your friends, but your member’s friends. This may require a little creative marketing. Create easy-to-share invitations and links and promote over social media and to various other organizations and businesses. People are more likely to attend and have a good time if they have the “safety net” of a friend there so they have someone to talk to if they find the networking boring (which of course it won’t be!)


4)   Some fun, some business

Sometimes you just have to have to have a boring business meeting. It just happens. But you should definitely sprinkle a little fun in there, too! Even if it’s just a networking hour, have a fun little game or exercise to warm up the room. Try to leave them laughing. That’s how buzz spreads!


5)   Promote and Follow Up

Make sure you promote your event on social media, email, and through your AMS but when it’s over be sure to follow up. It doesn’t have to be the traditional email, either. You can follow up by posting pictures and videos and encouraging members and guests to “tag” themselves. Extend that fun a little longer!


If you need more help on planning great events, we have a checklist to make it a no-brainer. Download it and start planning events that your members can’t wait to attend!