Are you familiar with the concept of the first world problem? It’s a whole meme phenomenon stating problems that the somewhat fortunate have, such as “my hand won’t fit in the Pringles can” or “my diamond earrings are scratching the screen on my iphone.”

Associations have first world problems, too! Although these “problems” usually get a little chuckle, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be solved. 

First World Association Problems

We picked the top four First World Association Problems and have the solutions.

Problem: My events sell out so fast I don’t have time to meet new people

Solution: First of all, how great for you that you are throwing such awesome events! Go you. You are doing something right. Now throw some meet and greets specifically for people interested in joining and new members. When you announce the event, be sure to tell your regular event attendees the purpose of the next event, and solicit for volunteers to help newcomers mingle, but not necessarily as an attendee themselves. It empowers seasoned members to get involved with new members and allows new members to feel welcomed.

Also consider larger events in the future, if your budget allows. Another good way to interact with new members and interested parties is to reach out to them via E-mail, social media, or through your AMS’s social community.


Problem: My social media is so popular I can’t keep up with all the posts 

Solution: It might be time for a social marketing manager or an intern. If your social media really is buzzing that much, you could easily attract negative feedback as well as positive feedback, and there’s the ever-present need for engagement. Talk to the board and mention it as a problem and get some feedback.


Problem: I have too many volunteers and not enough for them to do

Solution: Give them something to do, and then bottle whatever magic you’ve got going on and sell it to the rest of the associations out there. (Just kidding.) NEVER EVER turn down a willing volunteer. Look at your to-do list. What do you need help with? Even if it’s not something they originally asked to help with, all you can do is ask. Keep that communication open, regardless of what happens. A willing volunteer is worth his or her weight in gold.


Problem: Our membership grew so much I can’t keep track of them all

Solution: You need an AMS.