Video is the wave of the future! It’s easily accessible online and most people have smart phones or tablets and can access it on the go as well. It seems like an obvious move for associations to branch into! But there are a lot of ways to do video poorly, too. Here’s a list of useful dos and don’ts!

Dos and Don’ts for Association Video 

Do: Use the tools available to you

You probably have tools within reach at this exact moment to produce a great video. Your phone, digital camera, and computer likely all have different video recording capabilities. Your computer’s camera is great for recording interviews or direct commentary, your camera and phone are good for capturing ambient video. You might even have a video program already loaded on your laptop! Don’t feel like you have to break the bank to start with the world of video.


Don’t: Shoot only one kind of video

Just because you can record interviews or first-person perspective (video blogs or “vlogs” for example) doesn’t mean you should all the time.  Have your association’s video page be a true representation of your association. That includes video from events, speakers, and of course, you.


Do: Ask for help if you need it

Start by checking out Tom Morrison’s awesome presentation on association video.  Then to get the hang of editing software, read some online articles or watch YouTube tutorials. This is also an interesting project to delegate out to volunteers or staffers. You never know who may have a video background or interests!


Don’t: Make your videos too long

Of course each video is different, but a generally accepted rule of thumb for online videos is about the length of one song. For things that naturally go on longer, like speakers, editing the content down will make a great “teaser” for potential members to see what you offer. You can always share the full video with your members through your AMS!


Do: Show off individuals

The secret to making your video go “viral” is to get your members behind it first. Put together something they’ll be proud to share and show off to their friends and family as well as fellow association leaders. Bonus points if you can get them to feature the video on their social media or LinkedIn profile!


Don’t: Forget your association’s mission

It’s great to show your staffers traveling, your association’s amazing social events, and your members having fun. But don’t forget that people joined your association for more than just fun! Show off all you have to offer your members, even the “boring” stuff. A good way around making a boring video is to interview various staffers or volunteers and ask what they’re doing. Get a short answer and do a chain of profiles! A slide show could also to the job here.


Above all, don’t be intimidated. Video has been simplified to the point that anyone can shoot and put together a decent video suitable for YouTube. That will make your association seem current, relevant, and boost your search engine optimization. Videos are great recruitment tools and could help take your association, and your individual members, to the next level!

So you made your first video. Now what do you do? For a complete guide to Social Media specifically for small staff associations, download our free ebook.