Your Association Management System can be like your auto insurance. You need it; you do some research and find the best one that fits in your price range, and get it all set up.

And then you forget about it. As long as it’s working OK and you’re secure, you never really pay much attention to it unless something blows up, despite near-constant encouragement to try something else and just compare.

Does your AMS get high marks?

A lot of times that’s fine. The whole point of your AMS is to take a lot off your plate and make the things you have to handle as an association executive easy. But some times if something breaks and you find a work-around, then a few months later something else glitches and you find another one, and so on and so forth.

Don’t forget to consider the constant changing nature of your association to begin with. Board members and leaders come and go, membership grows, and event and convention season gets busy then slows down.

With all of that, your AMS could stop being the right solution for your association.

With those changes in mind, we designed a quiz to help evaluate the success of your system so you can be sure that as your association grows and changes, you’ve got the absolute best solution for you and your members.