You’re likely very familiar with Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It’s basically a global movement focused on charitable giving.

Maybe your organization has a strategy in place for Giving Tuesday (and really, that’s a great approach if you do!), but what about outside of that? Could your own designated “Giving Day” help boost donations?

Here’s what that might look like…

First, you’ll want to pick a day. Rather than doing this at random, take some time to really think about it – and even analyze data if you have it. For example, typically, when do people donate most to your organization? Around the holidays? At your annual meeting? That could be a good reference point for when to set this day (to generate even more donations).

Then, set a goal. What’s a realistic – but also, lofty – goal that people can work towards? Now this goal is key because it’s what unites your membership. Rather than it being a fundraising goal that your staff and/or board has set (and that your staff and/or board is responsible for achieving), it’s now a membership-wide goal; everyone has a stake.

Having that goal combined with a 24-hour time span almost gamifies this initiative. Can it be done? Can everyone pitch in a tad here and tad there to reach that ultimate number? If you can show progress throughout the day – either by having a real-time tracker OR announcing your status every hour on the hour (via social media or something) – that not only generates excitement, but prompts action. (“We only need $500 more!”)

Now for a few promo tips…

To really get this movement rolling, if your membership is active on social media, leverage that! Create a hashtag for your Giving Day and encourage your members to not only post about it (“Today is [Organization Name]’s Giving Day!”), but to post if and when they actually donate (“I just contributed to [Organization Name]’s Giving Day!”). You could even create a graphic that they could use with their post(s) once they do donate.

And to make things even more exciting (and appealing), you could incorporate contests throughout the day. For example, the 10th person to donate gets a limited-edition t-shirt. Or the person who puts the organization over the top as far as the goal is concerned gets free registration to your annual conference. This would require a little bit of tracking, but it’s doable – and could honestly be worth it if it gets you to your goal (or better yet, above)!

Now a designated “Giving Day” is just one way to raise money for your organization. But what about outside of that? What are other ways to generate more non-dues revenue?

We’ve got some ideas. Check ‘em out in our free guide below!