You may have seen a lot of mention of “American Association’s Day” in Washington DC this week. It sounds great, right? Associations make up America and deserve to be celebrated! But there’s a little more to it than that. Let’s break down “Association’s Day” and what it’s all about.

 Associations hit the hill for American Association's Day 


Association Advocates, Association Executives, Association Vendors, really anyone with a vested interest in the Association Community.



This event is a multi-day legislative fly-in designed to facilitate communication between Association Executives and lawmakers. The ultimate goal is to raise elected officials’ awareness of issues in association business and desired policy changes.



Capitol Hill, Washington DC



Yesterday and Today, March 18-19 2013 but this event has been going on for several years.


Why? Key issues at this year’s American Association’s Day include

-A resolution blocking federal agencies from sending more than 25 employees to any meeting or conference

-Concern that budget adjustments and tax reform plans will challenge associations’ tax exemptions

-Continued establishment of the Association community as a community, not just a “special interest group”

In addition to those important issues, attendees will also have the opportunity to earn CAE credits and attend events surrounding the work on Capitol Hill.


How does it apply to your Small Staff Association?

It’s really up to you to determine if this is worth your time and money. If your association has been wrestling with some policy issues, this is the time to bring them to the table in a national setting. Even if you’re not ready to take anything to policy makers, it’s a great place to get ideas and learn the best way to approach politicians.

If you can’t fit it in your schedule or budget to go, see if you know anyone who is going. Do you belong to an SAE? It’s possible that they might have plans to go or be sending representatives.

You have a whole year to look into it! In the mean time, keep an eye on social media (#pwra) and association blogs for information.

And Happy American Association’s Day!