a look at the different tools for memberclicks customers

This article was originally published on 5/7/2019 and was updated on 2/4/2020 for added value.

Recruiting members, planning events, managing benefits: You have a LOT on your plate. If you could add a new, easy-to-use tool to help alleviate the headaches and give you extra time…would you?

If you didn’t already know, MemberClicks offers a number of tools beyond the membership management software you use — and they’re all designed to elevate your organization and the member experience while saving you time and sanity.

What are they? Here’s a quick rundown:

MC | LMS, our learning management system

Whether it’s used to administer a certification program or you simply need a better-organized way to deliver valuable industry content, MC | LMS is a game-changer. It’s affordable, easy to use for both learners (members and non-members) and the administrator (aka, you), and moonlights as a non-dues revenue generator.

Here’s the great news: there’s a single sign-on between MC | LMS and your membership management system, so it’s basically like unlocking a set of new, engaging features to your existing database. You know what that also means? MC | LMS is backed by the same product team you already know and love! And they’ll get you up and running quicker than you can say “I have so much amazing industry content and nowhere to put it, and no way to easily get it to my members!”

Conference App

When we introduced this product, the idea was to create a way for conference attendees to create their own itinerary, view a map of the space, interact with other attendees, etc…and it DOES do all of that, but we quickly learned that the app can be used for all kinds of events! (For example, the Greater Avon Chamber used it for their annual Rib-Fest.)

Besides making your events more engaging for attendees, our app solution also saves you money on printed materials, will be personalized to reflect your event’s branding, adds value to sponsors — all while syncing to your database and updating the attendee roster in real-time. Cool, right? It’s even been used and endorsed by an association of event planners, so you know it’s the real deal.

MC | Job Board

Targeted job recruitment is a need that associations and chambers can easily fill. Just by having a job board on your website, you’re providing an amazing member benefit and bolstering your industry or community at the same time.

But, MC | Job Board, in particular, was built for more than that. Since it integrates with both Atlas and Oasis, you can easily administer member vs. non-member pricing as a part of your non-dues revenue strategy. And, if you choose to charge employers to post jobs (whether they’re a member or not), then your access to MC | Job Board is purely a revenue share with us. So basically…you get to use it for free, and you’ll earn money for it!

So far since launching MC | Job Board in August 2019, we’ve helped customers generate over $25,000 in non-dues revenue. Let that sink in…and then get in touch with us here.

Review Panel

If your organization manages any kind of submission process (for speakers, papers, awards, grants, scholarships, etc.), you NEED Review Panel. It gives you one place to collect and house those submissions, lets reviewers discuss and collaborate on their selections, and will give you insights you can use to make your program stronger year after year. It makes what can be a truly burdensome process, actually enjoyable!

Note: Review Panel is only available for Oasis users at this time. That said, if you’re an interested Atlas user, reach out! The Product Team would still love to chat about your needs.

There you have it — a rundown of the membership tools we offer. Curious to learn a little bit more about how they can empower your members and help you thrive? We just released two versions (one for associations and one for chambers) of a brand new guide all about it! Get your download: