An association career is one of the most misunderstood out there. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a day where you could answer the questions and comments about association life the way you wanted to? Let’s have some fun and imagine answering the 7 things we just don’t appreciate hearing.

Gosh, there’s an association for everything.

Yes, there is. Is there more to this conversation or is it Obvious Day?

I wish I could get a job with the government.

Association staff are not government employees unless…they are.

I joined a writer’s group once but didn’t have time for the meetings.

While I applaud your interest in getting involved, associations are more than just hobby groups you find on Meet-Up.

You must make a lot of money. My condo fees are really high.

Condo and homeowner associations are just a little bit different than what we do. But, yes, association professionals make scads of money. Look at Bill Gates, Oprah, JK Rowling. They all made their money working for associations…oh wait….

Volunteering is great but what do you do for your real job?

An association career is a real job. We are passionate about our association members and are dedicated to them full time. I’m glad you’re so pro-volunteering. How’d you like to volunteer for us?

Those non-profits make a huge amount of money. Did you see that ALS stuff? Do you do that?

We do raise money sometimes, not make it. We take our mission and service very seriously. As of now we have no plans to poor cold water over our heads as a fundraising tactic but I sure am tempted to do it to you.

I’m on a networking group on LinkedIn. It’s like an association but with no dues.

Good for you. Getting involved in social media is important. Does your networking group lobby for legislation that benefits your industry or help you with continuing education credits? I didn’t think so.

This is just a sampling of what I hear when I tell people I work with associations. What are your least favorite comments and questions in regards to your career? Share them below: