With all the financial considerations going on in the last weeks of this year/the first weeks of 2014, many of your members and probably even some board members or staffers could be looking at retirement in the near future.

But that doesn’t mean your association has to lose them! In fact, I’ll bet you already have several active retired people in your membership base.

5 Ways To Stay Relevant to Retired Members

Here are the top five changes to be aware of if some of your membership is entering retirement:

Finances change

Obviously this is a big one! That regular income is no more and instead the new retiree is living on savings, a pension, or possibly a fixed income with social security. Some associations have a special dues and events rate for retirees in the field with those new income considerations in mind.  

Health Care

The Affordable Care Act is changing the health care landscape for retirees as well. Does the trade that your association represents have any particular health issues common with advanced age? It might be a good thing to address!

Potential to relocate

Upon retiring, many people choose to relocate. Regardless of the reason, why not help them be successful with another chapter, or even start one of their own? 

Changes in scheduling

You may think that newly retired people have tons of spare time now, so getting them to every meeting and event will be easy. You’d be mistaken. First of all, just because a person retires from a career move doesn’t mean that they’re not working part time jobs or consulting. That could mean more unpredictable hours. Not to mention vacation schedules and family visits could interrupt business as usual as well.

Changes in interest

Not to say that retirees don’t care anymore about the day-to-day processes in their career, but their focus may have shifted. If you find your association has more retired persons lately, ask them what they would really like the association to focus on.


Now consider all the benefits of having seasoned employees or retired persons in your associations. The connections and networking is unparalleled! Not to mention the ages of experience and skills development. Those who retire today were yesterdays’ high-level managers! Perhaps now would be a good time for a networking event?


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