Email, social media, messaging apps – oh my! It’s safe to say that the abundance of solutions available these days have made keeping up with communications slightly overwhelming.

If you think your members may be experiencing “communications fatigue,” take a look at these five things you can do to combat it:

1. Ask for their preferences
First thing’s first, take a moment to ask members specifically what they want to hear about – and how. Some may want to only receive information over email, while others may want reminders in as many places as possible. And, if you know what topics they’re interested in, you won’t have to bother them with other information. (We do recommend always sending important association news to everyone, however!) 

Preferences – topic or otherwise – may change, so send regular reminders to members asking for updates. This should be doable from your membership management system!

2. Be more strategic with segmentation
Asking for those preferences will help you get started on segmentation, but you can do some on your own as well. Brainstorm different ways you can get more specific with what you’re communicating and to who.

For example, a group of young professionals from a certain area of town may only want to hear about events happening near them. Just think about who your message would be most relevant to and go from there!

3. Talk to them directly
You should always do everything in your power to make your communications as personal as possible. Members should feel like their individual contribution to the association matters, rather than like just another item on your bottom line!

It may seem like it’ll take up extra time, but many of the solutions you use to automate your communications efforts also allow you to personalize them in mass. Do a little digging to see what’s available! But, be sure to also dedicate some efforts to individual outreach. A few personal touches can go a long way – especially around renewal time.

4. Try something new
One way to REALLY cut through the clutter is to use a communication solution you’ve never tried before. Instagram? LinkedIn InMail? Direct text message? The possibilities are (seemingly) endless, and would surely be unexpected if members aren’t used to hearing from you that way.

Do your best to stay on top of communication trends, and don’t be afraid to try something new! You never know what you’ll stumble upon. And if it doesn’t resonate with your members, and least you know! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

5. Be refreshing
When you write a communication, make sure it’s something that YOU’D want to read, too. The topic of your communication will dictate your tone, but we say: When it doubt, be a little more laid-back! Yes, there’s a time to be straightforward, but many organizations are moving toward a more casual tone these days. Why? Because it’s simply more engaging and will make your organization more relatable.

A few ways you can be more casual: Add some humor, use more simple language, and write the way you would say something out loud.

Fact is, you have to be able to get through to your members in order to effectively engage them. Our free guide, Best Practices for Email Marketing, will help specifically with getting “in” with your members’ inboxes – check it out!