Okay, confession time.

Do you dread blogging for your association?

It’s okay to say yes. You can still love your association and pour your heart into it without relishing sitting down and hammering out 300-600 words about something.

It’s hard to think of topics. 

The writing process can get tedious, and don’t even get me started on editing. 

There’s good news! People want to help you! There are bloggers out there who not only love to write, but who would love to write on your association’s blog!

Here’s the problem: you have to go out and find them. 

Here’s how:

Step 1) Figure out how often you want to blog in the first place

This will pin point your need, and therefore your work will be cut out for you. If you only plan on blogging once a month, you don’t need 30 volunteers. You can get by with probably 5 or 6 at a time before you start this process over. If you plan to blog more often you may need more volunteers or ask your volunteers if they would like to blog more than once for you. 

Step 2) Ask your leadership and board

First of all, is this a requirement for them? If it is, you may not have a problem. If you’re more open to letting them volunteer rather than answer a request, your board and staff is a good place to start. They’re experts like you, right?

Step 3) Ask your members

If you like writing and have a topic in mind, a blog is a pretty easy way to volunteer and contribute to the association. Open up the possibility to your members for them to contribute to your blog. You may be surprised how many commit to a few paragraphs! Remember that there’s no real length requirement for blogs. 

Step 4) Approach bloggers in your field

Be sure that they don’t expect to be paid, but offer a little space on your blog! It’d be great exposure and could even turn into a regular contribution byline for someone who’s already a writer. Consider here if you’re comfortable with a writer using something he or she already posted or if you would require an original piece. Don’t be afraid to do either!

Step 5) Ask vendors and friends

Be clear that your association’s blog is not a place for your members to be marketed to, but if a vendor or friend has some insight to share with your members a blog could be a great way to get that information out! Take an AMS vendor, for example. If you use a certain one, perhaps during your next service call it wouldn’t hurt to ask if someone in the help or maximization department could put together a few paragraphs about how best to use some member features. Chances are they already have something put together and it’s a blog entry that would be referenced again and again. 

A few things to remember:

  1. Stay organized. Have an idea of what topics are coming so duplicate or similar blogs get enough time between publications. 
  2. Keep an open mind. You may be surprised who volunteers or what he or she wants to write about, but remember that if it interest them as a member it could very well resonate with others. As long as it’s relevant and appropriate, a blog is a great place to experiment. 
  3. You’ll probably still have to blog yourself every once in awhile, but I bet it’ll be easier than you think. The other blogs will inspire you, and having some of that pressure off will make the whole process easier on you!

Need some help engaging members with blogging and other kinds of social media? We have a free guide for you! Click below to download!