It’s no secret that being an association pro is hard. And sometimes, it can be downright exhausting. But take pride in your job! You do something not a lot of people can.

In fact, here are five reasons to LOVE being an association pro:

1. You give people a voice


People are passionate about things – but they can’t always express how they feel. As an association professional, you give them a platform. You make sure their voices are heard, and boy if that isn’t cool!

2. You better the industry


You work day in and day out to make your industry a better place, and trust me, that does NOT go unnoticed. Things are the way they are because of the work you do. Just let that sink in.

3. You make ordinary things fun


There’s a professional organization for everything, and some of those things…not so thrilling. But YOU make them fun. You plan conferences and events that people wait months for. That’s impressive!

4. You teach


When something new happens in your industry, you tell others. When there’s a new tool or best practice, you spread the word. You teach others how to be better – and we all know what a gift that is.

5. You’re basically a superhuman


No, seriously. You’re expected to do SO much with SO little, especially if you’re a small-staff association pro. You have limited resources and a very long to-do list – but you make it happen. How you do it, I have no idea. But more power to you!  

The bottom line here is this: You may get frustrated because your job is hard – and that’s COMPLETELY understandable. But be proud of yourself! You do some pretty amazing work!

Rock on, association pros!

(Note: Like we said, assocition management is hard. So if you need a little help, check out our Ultimate Guide to Membership Management below. It’s filled with best practices for membership recruitment, engagement, retention and more!)