Say you want to share blog content about your association and industry on your website. That’s a good call; blog content increases SEO (search engine optimization) and provides a valuable resource to your members who may be less than engaged at the moment, plus it proves to the world (and potential members) that you know your stuff.

The problem with blogging often comes with content. You and your staff have enough on your plates already and while you may be able to commit to one or two blog posts a month, the real path to blogging success comes from different perspectives and insights.

And those varying perspectives and insights come from your members. 

So you ask your members to donate a blog post every once in awhile and you’re met with a chorus of “I’m not a writer!”

5 “Different” Blog Posts That Work

That’s ok! There are a lot of things that work really well on a blog besides the typical paragraphs that everyone expects (although there is value to those, too!) Suggest one of the following formats:


1)   Lists

Ask your members the most important things they’ve learned in the last year and take the top five, or get more creative. 10 things engineers (or your tradesmen and women) always have to have at their desks. 4 ways to get your audiences’ attention. 7 things every college graduate needs to know about getting a job. These types of posts are easy to understand, fun to read and are incredibly valuable!


2)   Video

Most laptop computers have a camera built in and if you have a smart phone, there’s your recorder right there. If a members feels comfortable, invite them to submit a video! It can either be them talking, a tour of a relevant facility, or anything that’s important and relevant. It takes the pressure and the “homework” feeling off of assigning a blog post.


3)   Quotes

Sometimes the best stuff comes from the wisdom of others. Do any of your members have a particular quote or passage that inspires them? Ask them to share it, and maybe a sentence or two about why its important to them.


4)   Photos

A picture gallery is a great way to produce content. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?


5)   Short and sweet

Some of the blogs I read are obviously posted in a hurry and are only a sentence or two, but no less thought provoking than the longer form ones. Often that brevity is appreciated. One inspirational story or really great question can inspire a lot of thought and conversation. Give it a try!


Blogging shouldn’t be intimidating, feel like homework, or be overwhelming. Your blog should reflect your writers and your association as a whole. That means if it’s mostly diagrams and pictures that’s great! As long as it provides value to your members, it’s spot on.

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