Have you noticed an uptick in events that have their own dedicated website – separate from the host organization’s website?

And have you wondered…why??

It may seem unnecessary, but it’s actually extremely beneficial for event promotion, as well as when it comes to protecting your association’s or chamber’s marketing efforts. Here’s why:

For promoting the event

1. It’s easier to gauge interest. A separate website means separate traffic and analytics, so you’ll have a much easier time differentiating who’s interested in the event from who’s interested in the organization itself. You could even dig deeper into that event website traffic to find specific segments within your event audience to speak to. 

2. It’s easier to generate interest, too. Having a completely separate website allows you to be more flexible and creative with how you promote the event and inspire a little excitement. Plus, it makes it a lot easier to point all of your promotions (whether it’s over email, social media, your newsletter, etc.) to that one website, rather than a page buried somewhere within your organization’s site.

For protecting your other marketing efforts

3. It’ll keep your branding separate. Now, you don’t have to have separate branding, but if you’re ready to take your event up a notch that’s certainly something to consider. It also would give you more flexibility (and an excuse!) to have fun and get creative with how you want to portray your event to the world. 

4. It’ll keep your website content separate. That means the copy, pictures, calls-to-action – everything! Keeping your organization’s content separate from that of your event will ensure that you aren’t cannibalizing your own efforts either way. Plus, a separate website allows you to REALLY build out that event content to be robust, exciting, and enticing. 

Planning and promoting a big event is hard enough, so don’t compete with yourself! If that’s something that would be helpful for your next event, we can help: click here to get in touch with the Help team to learn more.

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