Don’t get me wrong: an LMS (or learning management system) IS the ideal tool for giving you and your staff visibility into members’ progress with any education initiative. (Whether it’s industry required or for member engagement purposes.) Not to mention, an LMS will give your learners the best user experience, too.

But, if your organization or industry doesn’t put a big emphasis on continuing education, certifications, etc. — you may wonder whether or not an LMS would be useful to you. Well, wonder no longer! Here are a few other ways a learning management system can be used to engage members near and far at your association or chamber:

Content hosting and delivery

This is one of THE most valuable uses of an LMS for any member-based organization. No matter your industry, size, or location members join your organization to access information. Whether it’s best practices for their profession or something they want to spend more time on as a hobby, YOU have the resources they are seeking — and a learning management system can easily host and distribute all of that content in one, easy-to-use place.

Pro Tip: Take an inbound marketing approach and provide this helpful content to non-members too, so they begin to see the value of membership as well. (Or, consider charging a small fee and adding to your non-dues revenue bucket.)

New member (and staff) onboarding

The more intentional you can be when it comes to onboarding new members, or even bringing new staff up to speed, the better their transition will be. With staff, you’re likely to see less turnover; with members, more engagement! Using an LMS to onboard your staff and members will take you from “How do we get them up to speed quickly?” to “Look at what they’ve done in just one month!”

Volunteer, committee, and board member training

They need a little onboarding love, too! This may be smaller snippets of training, depending on your typical responsibilities for these stakeholders. But no matter what it looks like, a guided training program is guaranteed to help engage and retain the people who are volunteering their time with you. When it comes to board members specifically, being thoughtful about their introduction to being in a decision-making position will help ensure those decisions are driven by your mission and values.

And hey — you might even offer your volunteers the opportunity to access some of the content your learning management system will host, like we talked about above!

So there you have it! Three additional uses of a learning management system, all of which you can set up and manage in one platform. If the wheels are turning and you’re starting to think about all of the ways your organization could start some kind of learning initiative, you’re in luck! It’s easy to get started…and we wrote an entire guide on how. Download it below!

This post was originally published on 7/30/19; updated 10/27/20 for added value.